All you want to know about LED tunnel lighting is here

As an important segment of road lighting, LED tunnel lighting has also become the focus of the lighting industry.

LED tunnel lighting

With people’s high pursuit of lighting quality, in the past 2020, tunnel lighting has shown a variety of functional application trends, providing management for car drivers and engineering construction.


Save energy


In various road lighting renovations in China, with the further advancement of the trend of LED light source replacement, LED tunnel lighting also follows this irreversible trend.


In addition to LED light sources, LED tunnel lighting also plays an important role in tunnel energy-saving renovation. Relevant reports show that the current annual energy consumption of most road LED tunnel lighting in China is equivalent to about 50%. Annual electricity consumption in megacities with a population of one million.


If you take measures to use electricity, you also need to consume energy, not that the brightness of the electricity measures is not enough. Therefore, the existing electro-optical technology for road LED tunnel lighting has been limited.


Improve the quality of road LED tunnel lighting, and solar light will become the new direction of road LED tunnel lighting development.


Taking this into account, the relevant lighting industry people pointed out that the use of light pipe lighting system can realize a new way of natural light lighting, while saving electricity, lighting design in the transition section.


More consideration is given to the light and dark changes of people’s sight lines, which greatly reduces the safety hazards caused by the dark entrance of the driver in the tunnel. Then, combined with the optoelectronic integrated system.


The integrated LED device can also automatically sense the external light to adjust the LED lighting, which solves the lighting problem in the tunnel when the natural light is insufficient, and reduces the occurrence of tunnel accidents.




With the promotion of 5G technology, Internet of Things, artificial big data and other technological innovations in lighting applications, all kinds of LED tunnel lighting facilities in China have begun to show signs of smart upgrades.




With the development of night economy and cultural tourism, landscape lights are dotted with countless infrastructure landmarks. Tunnels, which are important landmarks for public travel, are naturally one of the goals.


In 2020, LED tunnel lighting has gradually become a beautiful scenery on the road of public travel.

In the past, it was difficult for a single lighting environment to eliminate the driver’s visual anxiety about the darkness in the canal passage.


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