Are flood lights hazardous?

My answer is no danger at all

flood lights

  1. Flood lightsarea point light source that can illuminate evenly in all directions. The illumination range of the flood lights can be adjusted according to oneself, and can be used to illuminate the entire stage or the stadium scene. And multiple flood lights can be applied to the scene.


  1. Long service life: flood lightshigh-frequency electrodeless discharge lamp requires no or less maintenance, and has high reliability and stability. Service life up to 60,000 hours.


  1. Energy saving: The energy saving of floodlightsis about 75%.


  1. Environmental protection: flood lightsusedsolid mercury agent, which will not pollute the environment even if it is broken. It has a recyclability rate of more than 99% and is a real green light source for environmental protection.


  1. No stroboscopic: Due to the high working frequency of the flood lights, it will not cause eye fatigue at all, and can protect eye health.

In addition, when using flood lights, you need to pay attention to the following two points:

  1. Try to use the LED form in series, because the voltage difference of LED floodlights is special. When designing LEDs, it is necessary to pay attention to the peak voltage and current when designing the circuit.


  1. Use a voltage below 25 watts when soldering, and the temperature of the soldering iron should be controlled below 300 degrees Celsius. When the SMD LED is exposed at high temperature, do not squeeze its epoxy resin part, or wipe it with a sharp and hard object, because the LED lamp is very fragile. Yes, it is very easy to damage, the welding time should be kept under 3 seconds


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