What should be paid attention to in the design of landscape lighting engineering?


  1. Overall coordination of lighting design oflandscapelighting engineering project

In the design, especially the urban night scene lighting design and street lighting design, it is necessary to have a systematic perspective and a global perspective. Adopt continuous, progressive and fluctuating lighting design methods, and strive to achieve the normal operation of the entire lighting engineering system. The lighting designer must ensure the unity and coordination of the themes and styles of the surrounding landscapes, and balance the brightness and color of the regional lighting units.

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  1. Dynamic effect of night scene of landscapelighting engineeringproject

Modern lighting control technology has enriched the manifestations of landscape lighting engineering, and produced LED lighting effects such as flickering, moving, and color changing in actual engineering. Enriching the dynamics of lights by turning stationary lights into flickering lights and moving lights. It should be pointed out that the application of dynamic lighting in urban lighting projects should not be too much, and flash and color-changing light should not be used for a long time, because this will confuse the sight of tourists, make them feel overwhelmed, and cause irritability and lighting. The effect will backfire.

landscape lighting

  1. No glare phenomenon can occur in the landscapelighting engineeringproject

In urban lighting projects, glare is a common phenomenon, which can be seen in many urban lighting projects. However, in many projects, the glare problem still occurs from time to time, and this phenomenon also occurs from time to time. Therefore, in the landscape lighting engineering planning and design stage, designers should pay attention to the minimum installation height of various LED lamps. In addition, the installation position and angle of the LED lights should be adjusted, or protective measures should be taken to prevent the light source from directly entering people’s sight. Or directly use anti-glare point light source lamps, which can effectively avoid this big problem.

  1. Safety of landscapelighting engineering

Because lamps and circuits are generally placed outdoors, we must consider the safety of circuits and lighting fixtures. You can directly choose waterproof IP67/IP68 linear lights, wall washers, etc. When choosing the LED lighting wiring, you should choose the laying method and protect the pipeline according to the relevant regulations of the country or the electrical industry and the line laying route. For long-term use of LED lights, reducing potential safety hazards is a very important step.


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