Dmx led controller description and introduction

Dmx led controller is a very simple and practical controller. This controller adopts the universal signal of international standard as the transmission protocol. Serial signal, from the appearance, it is easy to be misunderstood. The dmx led controller actually uses parallel signals, and the receiving end outputs signals in parallel to the controller. Let’s take a look at the description and introduction of the dmx led controller.

dmx led controller

Main Features

Dmx led controller input voltage: AC110V or AC220v, Input DMX signal by DMX512/1990 standard, dmx led controller With a standard DMX512 output channel, it can realize 170 full color dot control at most, Internal has normally on seven color, consistency flash, consistency strobe, smooth, pursuit, halve, accumulate and other lighting mode, Each change effects can set 16 different change speed and color selection Simple program function, can easily define input lighting effects, program can easily define all change mode inside to a step.define8 separate independent loop steps, With four operation keys, can easily operate, With LCD output indication, all function is showed in the LCD. Wireless controller can be used in operation of remote debug and change, With audio input connector, two inside audio modeØ, With DMX IP addition function, convenient to modify the ID, etc.


Instructions for use of dmx led controller

  1. Controller connection method

dmx led controller

As shown in the figure, the schematic diagram shows a branch line controlled by the DMX512 console. All DMX512 signals are controlled in series step by step, so theoretically an infinite number of serial connections can be achieved. At the same time, the output signal of the DMX512 console can be driven in parallel for 5 This branch of the main line can be flexibly applied to various occasions. Pay attention to try not to exceed 5, otherwise the signal will be severely attenuated and uncontrollable, and even more serious damage to the console and dmx led controller.


  1. DIP switch related

As shown in the figure above, the DIP switch is 10 bits, of which 1-8 bits are channel selection, 9 bits are matching resistance, 10 bits are enabled to receive data, and all DIP switches are dialed down too ON to be effective.


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