Advantages and applications of flexible led mesh screen for building media curtain wall

Most commercial buildings in the city use glass curtain walls. Compared with the appearance of traditional buildings, glass curtain wall displays are more commercialized, which is more conducive to indoor lighting and sight-seeing. Through the flexible LED mesh screen of the curtain wall, a new advertising application field has been opened up and a new visual experience of architectural media has been brought.

flexible LED mesh screen

Traditional outdoor advertising mainly includes: outdoor billboards, large light boxes and outdoor LED displays. Billboards and light boxes are static advertising pages with simple advertising forms and single content. Although the outdoor LED display is a dynamic picture, it cannot transmit light, and the weight of the screen is also large, which has a great impact on the lighting of the advertising area space, and has higher requirements on the load-bearing of the bracket. Especially in the conventional LED display screen, which is dominant in the outdoor field, its display area is usually hundreds or even thousands of square meters. Watch traffic flow. This limits the application on glass curtain walls.


But the flexible LED mesh screen is different, its light transmittance and thin texture just avoid many deficiencies. It has successfully solved the problem that the traditional LED display cannot be applied in a large area of the glass curtain wall. It not only has the practicality of the LED display, but also has certain aesthetics and concealment. Keep the original basic shape of the curtain wall without lighting, lighting, beauty and fashion. After lighting up and playing, the transparent and cool dynamic advertisement display can quickly attract traffic and bring good advertising experience effect, which is very powerful for long-term marketing advertising.

flexible LED mesh screen

The curtain wall flexible LED mesh screen is attached to the glass curtain wall keel and has a transparency of 70~90%, which can achieve good advertising effects. It can also avoid the government’s approval process for outdoor advertising screens, saving time and money costs. For different glass curtain wall installation environments, Lianman Optoelectronics provides a tailored comprehensive flexible LED mesh screen solution with high reliability and excellent display effect, ultra-thin and transparent, lightweight, energy-saving, suitable for various indoor and outdoor environments. Display needs, such as shopping malls, commercial windows, stage choreography, stadiums, exhibition halls, to bring the ultimate visual experience to your audience.


Curtain wall flexible LED mesh screen has ushered in the best development opportunities in the field of construction. Whether it is the technological development of flexible LED mesh screen or construction-related industries, the awareness and acceptance of flexible LED mesh screen is getting higher and higher,And the scope of application is getting wider and wider


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