How to choose the suitable LED mesh screen

The LED mesh screen is a new type of LED large-spacing display screen. It has the characteristics of flexibility, foldability and high light transmittance. It is composed of LED lights, stainless steel wire ropes, PC strips and buckles, controllers and power supplies. The splicable LED display module. By splicing, it is easy to realize large display screens ranging from tens of square meters to hundreds of square meters.

led mesh screen

In addition, the pixel point distance of the led mesh screen varies from P30 to P200mm, and most of them are P40, P50, P55, P80, and P100 in the market (taking P50 as an example, the distance between the lamp and the center of the lamp is 5 cm, each square is 20*20= 400 light pixels, usually the more light points per square, the clearer the screen image) Customers generally need to consider the screen size of the project, installation height, viewing distance, brightness requirements and the video required by the customer in the actual selection of the screen model Effects, etc., choose a suitable and more cost-effective LED mesh screen based on the above factors. Mainly used in building facades and creative modeling video display, glass curtain walls,urban landscape lighting, road advertising, stage background rendering, cultural and tourism venues,ect.

led mesh screen

There are many styles of led mesh screen, how to choose a led mesh screen that suits you?


The first step is to determine where the led mesh screen is installed and how far the viewing distance is. The second step is to determine what effect the screen will produce, whether it will produce simple patterns and text or video, and whether high-definition is required. The third step is Determine the specific size of the screen size. After clarifying these three steps, you can choose the led mesh screen.


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