How to install the light sourceof landscape lighting project?


  1. Installation of point light source


Point light sources vary in size according to their location. The point light source of the main building lighting project is relatively small, and the placement of the lamps can be determined during the curtain wall design, which can avoid the visual abruptness caused by the later installation of the lamps and ensure effective connection. The point light source at the podium location generally uses lamps with a relatively large area, and generally uses lamps with beautiful shapes. Because of their heavy weight and occupying a large position, factors such as the self-weight of lamps should be considered in the design and installation.

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  1. Installation of linelight source

Because of its thin and long shape, the line light source is generally installed at the corner of the outer wall of the building, or the position of the column of the curtain wall, the position of the beam between the floors, and the large line, so it is easier to hide. In addition to vertical line light sources, some buildings also need to reflect their horizontal and depth sense, and horizontal line light sources are often used. In stone curtain walls and metal curtain walls, such lines are generally set on cornices such as interlayer beams, which can be carried out according to the shape of the cornice. Install.

  1. Installation of surface light source


Most of the lamps used in surface light sources are high-power flood lights and wall washers, or grid screens, which can be placed on the facade of the curtain wall, and the installation method is the same as that of point light sources. Some floodlights are generally set up on the ground floor. In order to consider the integrity of the facade of the curtain wall, it can be considered to be buried on the ground, and the main body of the building can be floodlighted by adjusting its illumination angle.


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