How to judge the merits of outdoor linear lights


  1. Look at the glueof linear light outdoor:

The yellowing phenomenon of the linear light outdoor after 1 year is because the glue material is too poor. There are many inferior glues on the market in the name of waterproof PU glue, which have poor waterproof performance and are easy to turn yellow. Darkening, the same is far from the price of normal waterproof PU glue, basically the price difference is more than double.

linear light outdoor

  1. Look at the aluminum materialof linear light outdoor :

ultra-thin aluminum material is easy to deform. In the selection of aluminum material for linear light outdoor, regular manufacturers will first consider whether the heat dissipation performance is good or not. If aluminum material wants to be not easily deformed and has good heat dissipation, it must be When choosing a moderate thickness, it cannot be said that the thicker the aluminum material is, the better. In addition, if the aluminum material of the linear light outdoor is thinner, will the heat dissipation be better? So cutting corners is a must! In addition, it is a cost-effective issue. If you want to be cost-effective, manufacturers need to control the materials used quite well.

linear light outdoor

  1. Look at the lamp bead componentsof linear light outdoor :

some domestic lamp bead brands have been tested and improved for many years, and their craftsmanship and performance are also very skilled and stable. If you have enough budget, you can choose well-known domestic brands.


  1. Look at the selection of circuit boardsof linear light outdoor:

Is aluminum substrate better than glass fiber board? linear light outdoor with really good quality, most of them choose aluminum substrate as the circuit board for the light source. The engineer of vertical lighting said that as long as it is stable, whether it is an aluminum substrate or a glass fiber board, they are all good circuit boards.



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