Outdoor led floodlight can bring excitement to the city

outdoor led floodlight is a common lighting fixture at night. It is loved by people for its energy saving and environmental protection, bright colors, long service life and good visual effects. Especially when the lights are on at night, the products of LED flood light manufacturers create colorful visual effects in every corner of the city.

What are the main advantages of outdoor led floodlight?

outdoor led floodlight

Advantages of outdoor led floodlight:


  1. The shell of the outdoor led floodlightwill never rust or corrode, and it is made of high-tech spraying technology and light alloy materials;


  1. The structural design of internal and external strong shock resistance is adopted, which effectively avoids some emergencies caused by strong vibration of the outdoor led floodlight;

outdoor led floodlight

  1. The high-efficiency gas discharge lamp is used as the light source of theoutdoor led floodlight, and the service life of the bulb is as long as 10,000 hours. It is especially suitable for unattended lighting in large outdoor areas;


  1. The overall heat dissipation of the lamp is good, which can reduce the failure probability of the outdoor led floodlight;


  1. The outdoor led floodlightadopts new technology such as piping, which is reliable in sealing, waterproof and dustproof, and ensures the integrity of the shell of the LED floodlight;



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