Parameter and function description of flexible led screens P16 products

Introduction of flexible led screens


P16 flexible led screens product features:

  1. The box is thin and light in weight;
  2. Low power and high brightness;
  3. Hollow processing, good heat dissipation performance, outstanding wind resistance, ventilation and light-proof design, high contrast;
  4. Outdoor products, waterproof grade IP67, can be used normally when it rains;


flexible led screens


flexible led screens P16 product module parameters:

Spacing: 16mm;

Type: Outdoor

LED Qty: 3535RGB*48

Lamps per square meter: 144lights

Module size: 294.1mm*123.3mm

Brightness: 5000-7000cd/m2;

Control chip: SM16218N

product material: PC+ABS

Drive mode: static real image


flexible led screens


flexible led screens P16 products have a wide range of applications and are suitable for any place. The biggest feature is that it is ventilated and opaque, light weight 24Kg/m*, good wind resistance, easy installation, good heat dissipation, convenient front and rear maintenance, and good waterproof performance. Good seismic performance, low auxiliary installation frame, especially fan, mute and other advantages; in order to ensure sufficient brightness of pixels in outdoor real projects, the front of the flexible led screens module is sealed with silicone for waterproof treatment, and the color of the silicone can meet the requirements of the project, check the color card It is specially designed to perfectly coordinate with the color of the exterior wall of the building: the module outlet is made of silicone wire with excellent high and low temperature performance, with professional waterproof connectors, professionally designed and carefully crafted fully sealed waterproof structure, the protection level reaches IP67, and can be adapted to indoor and outdoor Various temperature environments, the temperature range of the working environment can reach -20-60 degrees Celsius, and flexible led screens can work normally under raining conditions; various shapes can be combined arbitrarily, easy to install, and does not affect the appearance and structure of the original object; the display pixel point distance is larger than 16mm , flexible led screens are used in large-screen display occasions with a certain decorative effect. It is an LED display application product between ordinary conventional display screens and lighting; its display unit is strip-shaped, and the assembly kit is made of professional aluminum type, which can be horizontal, Vertical and oblique assembly, the display units are connected by waterproof joints; because the display units are strips, they can be assembled into various special-shaped screens such as inner arc display surface, outer arc display surface, S display surface, and spherical shape. , There are display effects that other products cannot achieve


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