Do you know the difference between Outdoor LED linear lights and pixel dot light?

When night falls, we can see Outdoor LED linear lights and pixel dot light in all corners of the city, both of which are often used in urban lighting and are essential products for outdoor lighting. Some customers can’t help but ask if the two can be used interchangeably? The answer is no. Today, let’s listen to how the outdoor landscape lighting SH LED manufacturers differentiate the application of LED linear lights and pixel dot light.

pixel dot light

First of all:

From the definition, the pixel dot light is a point-shaped decorative light, which is a supplement to linear lighting and floodlighting; while the Outdoor LED linear light is a linear decorative lighting fixture.



the pixel dot light on the shape are mostly circular or square point lamps with diameters ranging from 30-220mm. The shape of Outdoor LED linear lights is mostly cuboid, and the length is usually 1 meter or 0.5 meters, and the size can also be customized according to actual needs.


Once again:

Outdoor LED linear lights are commonly used with power of 10w, 12w, and pixel dot light with power of 1w, 3w, and 5w are used relatively more.



pixel dot light can usually only be installed on a flat surface, but Outdoor LED linear lights can be installed in three ways: flat installation, embedded installation, and bracket installation, which is very flexible.


From the above we can see that pixel dot light are more suitable for building surfaces, amusement parks, billboards, streets, stages and other places for decorative lighting.

pixel dot light

Outdoor waterproof LED linear lights are widely used in exterior wall contours, squares, bridges and rivers, light transmission in glass curtain walls, home decoration, exhibition halls, stage lighting, shopping malls, hotels, entertainment venues, advertising and decoration industries, etc., which can be used to outline buildings. Outlines can also be used to decorate buildings. The scope of application is wider.


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