Led Mesh Screen


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Led Mesh Screen
LED mesh screen

LED mesh screen is a kind of product of lighting video display , which can not only meet the needs of lighting decoration, but also can be used for image and video playback.

SH LED Tech company is Intelligent Facade Lighting Integrated Solution Supplier more than 10 years. Designed the LED mesh screen ,had been sold all over the world. Such as Russia,Dubai, Korea etc. The pixel pitch can be 16mm to 110mm , meets different project demands.And support mold-making customized for customers. Various shapes can be combined arbitrarily, customized according to client’s size. Easy to install,disassemble and maintain, does not need the extra structure and affect the appearance of the original object structure. LED mesh screen are widely used for the media facades,glass curtain walls and advertising. 5V,12V and 24V option,stability and security are guaranteed.

Our LED mesh screen,energy saving and environmental protection, no need for auxiliary cooling equipment, no noise, low power consumption, the each pixel light are made of environmentally friendly materials, and the surrounding is transparent, so it can achieve good self-heating. At the same time, the power supply, controller and other accessories. are isolated from the luminescent material, and there is no need to build a special cooling system like a traditional LED display.

High-end LED mesh screen,3-5 years warranty. Can be used more than 5 years. Do you have any technical information to ask us ? Professional team of engineers will answer your questions.

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