LED Power Supply


facade lighting led power

LED Power Supply
LED power driver – independent led power supply adapter

Many different types of led power drivers to drive LED lighting products, feature universal AC input for commercial and landscape lighting projects.

The LED power driver is an independent power supply that can be used to regulate the power required by the LED pixel light. The led landscape light are lighting devices with a long lifespan and low energy consumption, hence the requirement for specialized power supplies.

We stock many different types of AC to DC led power driver to drive your DC5V, DC12V, and DC24V LED lighting products. Our led power driver, also known as led power supply adapter, have universal AC inputs for both commercial and landscape lighting projects.

LED Power Driver Hardwired Connections

Hard wire your led power driver to your AC source or use any of our wall plug cords and accessories to plug a power driver into any existing light socket. Use our different types of high quality led power supply adapter and led power driver for indoor or outdoor landscape lighting project.

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