Led Wall Washer Light



Led Wall Washer Light
led wall washer lights outdoor/linear wall washer

High quality linear wall washer made in Shenzhen SH LED Technology Co., Ltd.

The led wall washer lights outdoor with IP65 primarily highlight feature of architecture, which can illuminate building surface and highlight the structure of media facade which add the beauty and elegance for the integration of the building facades or landscape.

These led wall washer lights outdoor is with high brightness, high energy efficiency, and durability , the life span can reach 50000 hours .

We have different products and different lighting beam angle that beam angle is ,8°/30°/45°/60°/7*80°/12*40, which can fit for different project , it is good to the customization on the production for the led wall washer lights outdoor .

linear wall washer adopt the Aluminum 6063 and Tempered glass, which the materials is good for solid , anti-erosion , resistance on high temperature , also this kind of led wall washer lights outdoor is good on the heating dissipation.

Big power LED linear wall washer flash out the lighting beam as 10M, which fit for full landscape /media facade lighting solution, for example to lighting project, commercial lighting solution, high-flyover , media facade ,city landmark, hotels , which can adapt to different temperature /humidity with the different color .

It bring the dreamlike sense to the people with colorful combination mixed the lighting and water to led wall washer lights outdoor products.

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