The role of urban media facade lighting design

What is media facade lighting design?

media facade lighting

The media facade lighting design is very different from other lighting designs. It is based on the original building and displays the characteristics of the building through the bright changes and color changes of the lighting. Therefore, it is necessary to fully understand the building’s use function, building network, structural characteristics, surface decoration materials, and the surrounding environment of the building when designing.

media facade lighting

1. The media facade lighting is to express the image of the building at night. It should not only highlight the shape characteristics and use functions of the building but also reshape a building with a different image from the daytime based on light and shadow. Blindly imitating buildings under natural light during the day, the scene is not realistic and impossible. Because the projected aspect and intensity of natural light during the day changes throughout the year, from morning to night, it is able to give the building a dynamic aesthetic.

2. To design media facade lighting, it is necessary to highlight the outline of the building through the brightness change and color difference between adjacent surfaces of the building, but also to make the illuminated building match the surrounding environment and adjacent buildings in brightness or color. There are obvious differences between the objects, so as to ensure the integrity of the building and have a good three-dimensional sense.

3. Each media facade building has its own unique design network and intent, often embodied by architectural designers through several key parts of the building. Therefore, the media facade lighting should highlight the key points of the building, and at the same time ensure the overall effect of the building, the structure and decorative details of the key parts of the building should be displayed as clearly as possible.

What is facade light?

media facade lighting

There are many types of facade light, such as emergency lamps. The so-called emergency lamps refer to the general name of lamps used for emergency lighting. They are set up to guide trapped people to evacuate or launch firefighting and rescue operations after the normal lighting power supply is cut off in the event of a fire. There are many types of emergency lights, which are generally divided according to different classification methods, and the types obtained are different. The specific types of emergency facade light mainly include the following categories:

media facade lighting

1. According to the form of emergency power supply: emergency facade light mainly include self-contained power supply type, centralized power supply type, and letter power supply type;

2. Classification by use: emergency facade light can be mainly classified into sign lights, lighting lights, and lighting sign lights;

3. Classification according to working mode: emergency facade light can be mainly classified into the continuous type and non-continuous type;

4. According to the emergency realization method: emergency facade light can be mainly divided into independent type, centralized control type, and letter control type.

In addition to emergency lights, facade light also includes outdoor landscape lights, such as led point light sources, outdoor linear lights, led mesh screens, smart outdoor spotlights, Christmas landscape lights, led pixel bar, outdoor led floodlight, etc., mainly used in media facade lighting, architectural decoration, bridges, hotel lighting, etc.

What role does the Urban landscape Lighting Project play?

media facade lighting

The significance of the urban landscape lighting project: the urban night scene can not only create a good environment and atmosphere for people’s activities at night, but also establish and express the night image and taste of the city for the prosperity of the economy, and create a good cultural atmosphere. etc. are also very important.

media facade lighting

1. With the continuous development of society, large, medium, and small cities in China have successively carried out the construction of night lighting systems. The construction of these Urban landscape Lighting projects has brought a lot of benefits to the country and individuals to a certain extent. The construction of the urban landscape lighting project has made the sense of the times strong, the streets have become spectacular, and the business opportunities of the commercial streets have been promoted.

2. The colorful night scene lighting can not only reproduce the style but also provide people with a good night vision environment and living environment. Make people’s lives more life-like and enriched. It has a stronger sense of the times, thereby increasing the attractiveness of the space, fully reflecting the information of the city’s environmental culture and its architectural aesthetics.

3. With the gradual improvement of people’s living standards, only lighting can no longer meet the needs of human beings. Therefore, the urban landscape lighting project was born. The Urban landscape Lighting project can show the colorful and clear lighting image of nightlife, and build some light environment places with good quality, high quality, and suitable for the image of the city. It fully reflects the culture of the urban environment.

media facade lighting

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