What is exterior commercial building lighting

The exterior commercial building lighting mainly refers to the exterior lighting of shops, hotels, supermarkets and other commercial places. The use of commercial lighting can effectively attract customers and promote their desire to buy.

exterior commercial building lighting

The content of exterior commercial building lighting can be divided into the following three aspects according to the function of night scene lighting, namely:

  1. exterior commercial building lightingfor environmental traffic. Including traffic lighting of various roads, bridges, buildings and environmental facilities in the external environment of commercial buildings;
  2. exterior commercial building lightingin landscape environment. Including the external lighting of buildings, signs, environmental landscapes and facilities in the external environment of commercial buildings;
  3. exterior commercial building lightingin public places. Including the lighting of various squares, leisure places, cultural and recreational facilities and pedestrian shopping streets in the external environment of commercial buildings.


exterior commercial building lighting These lights come together to form a beautiful and spectacular night picture of the city. Its wide variety of commercial lighting can extend its operating hours, attract more customers, and stimulate commercial consumption. At the same time, the external ambient lighting of commercial buildings also plays an important role in establishing a beautiful image of the city and increasing the charm of the city.


The Significance of Lighting Design for the exterior commercial building lighting


As far as the exterior commercial building lighting is concerned, with the development of urban lighting projects, people’s commercial activities have been promoted to expand at night. The dark urban commercial space in the past is now brightly lit and colorful by various lights, making modern The nightlife of many urbanites is spent in the inner and outer spaces of urban business. The external plaza space of urban commercial buildings and the external environment of pedestrian commercial streets have not only the function of shopping in lighting, but with the construction of urban lighting projects, they will further develop in the direction of multi-functionality, and show a unique style. Prosperous city business development scene. The lighting of the external environment of urban commercial buildings has also become an important part of urban construction, which has attracted more and more attention and concern from all aspects.


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