What is the media facade?

Media Facade” is a new concept emerging from European and American theoretical circles in the past ten years. It is derived from the English “Media Facade”. It is a further extension of the overall architecture, and the English name of “Media Architecture” is Media Architecture. Literally, it is It can be understood that this new concept is the product of the combination of media (or medium) and architecture (or building facade). It involves media, especially knowledge and technology in several fields such as new media, lighting and architecture.

The emergence of the media facade is not an accidental phenomenon, it has its social and technological context.

First, it stems from the mediaization trend of architecture. Unlike other types of art, once a building is built, it will inevitably be presented to the public, unless it is built in a remote, far away place, or in a private space, but buildings are generally built in public spaces, so architecture and Born with a media body, or media.

The media facade is to embed information into the building facade, and its main form is digital media. No matter from the perspective of technology or design, the media façade should be integrated with the building and cannot be separated.

The media facade takes artistic aesthetics as its main purpose and also serves as a commercial propaganda function. An organically combined and comprehensive building facade form, the media building is an extension of the media facade on the entire building system.

A media facade or media building is not an electronic information screen, or a simple combination of electronic information screen and building. In this new concept, the electronic media system must be integrated with the building, and the media is an integral part of the building, no matter in the design concept, or in the way of construction and presentation.

And now in the real life of the city, the form of media facade can be seen everywhere, such as the advertising grid screen outside the commercial plaza, the lighting of the led point light source of the landscape building, and the lighting of the building, the outdoor line lighting of the hotel, etc.



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