Why do you need to choose media facade led curtain screen for your curtain wall building?

1. What is media facade advertising and lighting?


led curtain screen


Media façade advertising and lighting consist of layers of clearly controllable transparent led curtain screen or pixel mesh screens attached to the outer surface. It is specially designed to display video animations, images, moving pictures and text. If you want to transform glass walls, entire towers or building façades into a lively and extraordinary atmosphere,  transparent led curtain screen may be your first choice.


led curtain screen


Compared with the traditional LED display that completely blocks the view, the transparent led curtain screen adopts the stunning light bar display technology, which translates into a unique visual effect. The impact of attracting traffic quickly and accurately. In addition, it has the practical advertising value of commercial curtain wall network media, and maintains the original appearance and transparency of the site.


2. Why is the facade of the curtain wall important?


In the digital world, creating captivating advertising images is not the only purpose of innovative architectural design. Besides being used as the facade of the building, the façade has different important uses such as: Guaranteed higher comfort and productivity


Well-structured building façades allow residents to manage light penetration through a variety of methods, such as shading devices and blinds. Likewise, it uses functional windows to regulate temperature and air flow, turning the building into a more comfortable edifice. It is undeniable that a comfortable environment can improve work efficiency.


Add value and identity


In addition to being the exterior of the building, the façade also reflects the character and design of the user. A well-designed, one-of-a-kind transparent led curtain screen façade adds more meaning and maintainability to a building.


Create an urban landscape


Many years ago, buildings and towers were not so obvious at dusk. Thankfully, with LED video lighting and screen technology, builders and lighting designers can communicate more impactful architectural ideas. Today, we can see more and more landmarks that beautifully light up the skylines of major cities. These beautifully decorated buildings have become landmarks or tourist attractions in their area. Surprisingly, these curtain walled building facades function simultaneously and sooner or later become the urban landscape with significant impact and response.


3. Benefits of Curtain Wall Media Facades


Why choose a media façade for your building? Compared with the traditional LED display technology, the use of transparent led curtain screen on the media facade of the curtain wall has more advantages. Most commonly they are able to cover large surfaces and not obstruct the outside view. Let’s explore other important benefits of curtain wall media façades:


Help generate more income


Advertisers are always looking for new ad formats to reach their clients’ potential customers. As media façades opened up a new situation for outdoor advertising, they were sold to different businesses for advertising rights.


Promote marketing and sales


Due to its excellent visibility and ideal size, the entire space can be used for progressive marketing as a large advertising medium. This approach inspires people to discover the outlines and invisible details of the city centre during the day by highlighting specific features and overlaying others.


Help promote excellent brands.


Even buildings and edifices require brand positioning. Buildings with well-thought-out media architecture stay ahead of the competition better than those without. Since media facades are media-driven, and as a huge advertising medium, they can play games quickly and become a unique attraction for many. Today, countless regions and cities in different countries often host light events to attract tourists and promote tourism.


Participate and interact with the public


The use of curtain wall media façades in urban spaces can provide great potential, and transparent led curtain screen form more interactions, connect users, and stimulate participation and image promotion among different users.


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